The Sun

John McGrail

Modern progressive folk that draws on a variety of styles from rock to jazz to classical and even a touch of the avante garde

Please Note: All profits from my album sales are donated to charity.

This is the first solo adventure by the progressive folk artist. This CD combines the elements of not just folk but rock, jazz,classical and even a touch of the avante garde. Despite the widespread influences, the music on this release remains miraculously focused. Nothing seems out of place. One song glides effortlessly to the next. -the cleveland revue

the sun what is it. is it rising? is it setting? who knows. if you listen to this stuff you'll probably think that it is a setting sun. is the cup half empty??? probably if you ask me. that's how it is. you can't always tell what is what and who is who. the sun going up is beautiful. it symbolizes the good the future can hold, a setting sun seems to represent the end. but even the end can mean that a new and different beginning is just around the corner. don't be fooled... i really don't think quite that optimistically... but i want to. listen with curiosity and care. These are just few thoughts about this album and some random ramblings to give you an idea of who made this music. it is folk music let there be no doubt about that. it is not necessarily normal folk music. it is based on the acoustic guitar and the human voice and words that hopefully mean something to the listener... especially if you paid for this. i hope you like it. i hope you like it alot!

who am i, what is this music i don't know i just write the stuff. i'm not totally sure i can explain it. my only real criteria is that it sounds good. that is a pretty widely thrown net if ya know what i mean. i like a lot of different stuff. I like rock and roll, and jazz and folk and wierd stuff and classical and world music there is always something good regardless of the genre. i think if everyone were exposed to a wide variety of music then the populations would like a wide variety of music, i think they aren't being fed properly and are starving from cultural malnutrition. style isn't so important which leaves me as a sort of rootless bastard. i like U2 i like the Beatles and the Stones but i also like John McLauglin and Robert Fripp and Michael Hedges and Don Conoscenti and Jim Volk and Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd and Cat Stevens and Stevie Ray Vaughn and Ani DiFranco and Return To Forever and Mozart and Gorecki and Cindy MacKay and The The and The Chieftains ( i do have a fair amount of Irish blood in me... ) even the Ohio Players.... i could go on but why, you get the picture, music is just what it is and nothing more and nothing less. Like i said... i just write the stuff. doesn't even mean it is any good although in my own by opinion it is. i make it and people like you can listen to it. ah yes we musician types tend to think that the audience should be grateful, at least that's what you would perceive if you could read our minds. but in one on one communication we would never say anything like that. it would alienate you. let me be straight.... i think my stuff is awesome and you won't convince me other wise but if you don't like it that's ok.

besides music what do i like? after all what a person writes has a lot to do with who they are or what they do. well i like to write short stories and i like to hike in the woods, especially in the autumn. the midwest is at its best in autumn. i like to ride my bike with regularity. i have a cat as a roomate, she doesn't pay any rent though. i love coffee. i like to eat and i like to cook food, usually in the reverse order. i don't like violence and i don't like war. I am proud to say i was one of the millions around the globe protesting the American Invasion of Iraq (contrary to popular American belief... we were the majority). WMD's my ass... anyway if you stick around you'll get plenty of that attitude so i won't belabor the process now. I like Guinness beer and single malt scotch and irish whiskey (not to mention the country Ireland) and even a martini occassionally. Italian food with a glass of red wine is fine. i give money to amnesty international and certain environmental groups. also i am a lousy oil painter. of course as i tell you all this i am not discussing my darker side... you gotta listen to the music to get that part.

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