From the recording The Sun


Into Your Bones

After a summer of long hard labor
planting your seeds and watching them grow
gathering the grain that came under your favor
preparing to feast as you watch the snow

you gave your sweat labor and love
planning your rest at the end of the year
your efforts were clearly more than enough
you had no reason to entertain fear

But the storm dashed your hopes
Testing your strength and making you cope
Destroying your land wealth and home
Driving the nails deep into your bones

now what reason have you to gather
the shamble and fragments strewn about
you have the strength but that does not matter
you stand alone crying out loud
and nothing was left
but you all alone
you gave your best
now it matters none

beyond your reach
injustice controls
and nothing seems fair
are there no rules

you need not ever hide these tears
you’re not alone against this wind
there are those who share your fear
we will be there as you start again