1. I Must Be Off

From the recording The Sun


I Must Be Off

You know sometimes I think I am crazy
sometimes I know it
but I’m never really sure that I’m not
it seems a possibility
though the evidence is against it
I get scared I get lonely
wondering what the hell I’ve got

some things in life are stable
but I don’t think my mind falls into that category
it seems a possibility
though hell could freeze tonight
its just the same old story
never really know what is right
never really know what is right

I must be off
I must be on my way 2x

I’m sure I’m not the only one
who suffers from this delinquency
I see it all the time as I walk down the street
maybe it’s the nature of the beast
it seems a possibility
ya know if this is true we can expect more confusion
to settle in like the dew

you know the more I go on and on and on ....
The crazier I become
I forget to wonder about the meaning
and the total of the sum
etc & on.......