From the recording The Sun


Out Of My Hands

Would you love me if I asked real nice
would you give me your soul and good advice
in the morning when the nights complete
if I made you some songs would you make me good things to eat

how can I be sure I am right
when I cant see that far down the line
I have my hopes I have my fears
can I be sure I’ll love you in a thousand years

it is out of my hands
it is in to my will
it’s all overflowing
its all going to spill

will it last an eternity
is the risk of departure worth the chance we see
I have something on my back I feel it is a warning
telling my senses not to crack
is it faith or something more

how can one be sure, I can’t, and it scares me to the core
can you be happy and content when you don’t know what’s in store
there was a time when I had faith and I believed
there was no need for questions and explanations cuz I knew
Yes I knew.............
It is out of my hands
it is into my will

in the autumn of our waning years
would I still feel your beauty and hear the things you have to say
or will our light seem to be growing dim
only to be blown out by the slightest wind