From the recording The Sun


Weighs On My Mind

sometimes I don’t understand
I keep on thinking that there some kind of end
and I don’t know why but I must say
it makes me uneasy

chorus and it weighs on my mind
heavy like a stone around a birds neck
taking me down down down
to the water

sometimes I don’t know quite how I feel
sometimes it seems there’s no way out
and I’m crying like a baby in a cage

will the water be warm
will the water be cool
will it be so enriching
or will it be our doom
and the water can be good
or the water can cause pain
sometimes I wonder if loves not the same
and I drown n my fear
and I drown in my loneliness
in the water of my tears...

What happens when you stay in one place so long
will you use up the things you need or will you grow strong
will your roots grown deep or merely decay
with nothing to feed them what chance have they
like a tumbleweed