April Fools and Happy Easter

     APRIL FOOLS and Happy Easter. So what is the significance of these days coming on the same day. Probably there isn’t any significance. But still whether you accept that Christ is the son of God, God or just a guy who had a message you got to admit the whole story is a good one. Tolkien could have written something like that although there would probably be more big wars and stuff. Christ might have been more like Aragorn or perhaps Gandalf. Still a brutal legally justified murder takes place and the victim, went to his death seemingly without protest, despite his innocence and then 3 days later is no longer in his tomb.

     And what about his message. I think it is getting more and more lost as time goes on. As the religious claim authority they are like the pharisees of the Bible trying to mess up Christ’s message for their own gain. The Scribes and the Pharisees would follow him around and try to trip him up with questions about the religious doctrine of the Jews and Jesus was always on to them and up to the task. He gave 2 commandments near the end of his life and they are good ones. My favorite is the second one “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. I wonder if he meant that to apply to immigrants and people from neighboring countries? You wouldn’t think so the way so many people who hold the strings of power talk. You would think compassion was something that Christ fought against. You would think that helping the poor was something Jesus abhorred. You would think that greed was an essential ingredient for the entry to heaven. But that is not the case. It is hard to see how the evangelical right has glommed onto Trump. Christ said in Mark (7:21) “What emerges from within a man, that and nothing else is what makes him impure. Wicked designs come from the deep recesses of the heart: acts of fornication, theft, murder, adulterous conduct, greed, maliciousness, deceit, sensuality, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, an obtuse spirit. All these evils come from within and render a man impure.” So Donald seems to have hit on quite a few of those designs that come from deep within. At least 10. He probably has but I’m not sure if he has blasphemed. I’m not sure what constitutes an obtuse spirit but I wouldn’t be surprised if Trumps spirit is indeed obtuse. A blunt spirit?


     So evangelicals and all you other Christian right types what is that makes you think he is so spiffy. What is it about him that makes you think he is a good match for your (alleged) faith in Jesus Christ? Do you think that Jesus, if he’d come today, would have voted Trump? Something tells me he wouldn’t have. Something tells me he would have ended up at the receiving end of many of Trumps barbs and insults and nicknames. Crooked Jesus, or maybe Fishy Christ, or perhaps The Magic Man... who knows. You know he’d attack Christ just as he does anyone who disagrees with him. April Fools???????????????????

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