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June 11, 2015

     So its the morning of game 4.  Cavs could really use going back to the west coast with a 3-1 lead.  Not sure if it will happen.  As a Clevelander I have witnessed the disappointment and loss often enough to know that nothing comes easy.  While my love a sports has faded considerably over the years there is something very intriguing about this particular moment.  To walk around downtown and see all the Cavs reminder's from the kiosks with the individual players on them to the giant posters hanging from various buildings and then  all the folks wearing Cavs tees and jerseys and the wine and gold.  It's just a game yes but it would bring so much joy to the people of this city, my city, adopted as it is, that you can't help but pull for them.  The story line is just too good with LeBron leaving and being hated so intensely and then to turn around and return to this place to bring them a championship and if he can do it this year, it would be a monumental accomplishment.  Losing first Varejao, then Love,  then Irving  and to still be able to pull it off would be one for the ages.  Tomorrow morning this city will wake up elated or that dark sinking feeling will start to drift in like a fog.  It's a fog that we've felt all too often.  A fog that has tormented the sports fans in this town for decades.  The Browns, Indians and Cav's have all contributed to the disappointments over the years.  If LeBron can do this, and I know he can, well there will be a lot of people who will, if only temporarily, forget their woes and rejoice.  Go Cavs! 


June 12, 2015

It's the morning after Game 4.  No 3-1 lead.  Got our asses kicked.  21 point loss.  Not good.  How depressing.  Yes we can still win. The series is tied at 2 games each but it doesn't feel good.  Our team is running out of steam.  They have to win 2 of 3 games which means winning at least one in GS.  I don't like our chances.  Not without Varejao, or Love  or Irving.  LeBron can't do it himself and the rest of the team... well they're giving their all but its stacked against us.  I had a thought that losing was good because now we can't become the first team in NBA history to lose a 3-1 lead... I know, I know that is awfully pessimistic but the drive, the fumble, the shot, etc.... disappointment is in our DNA here in Cleveland.  I don't feel well but I won't give up hope.  It really isn't possible not at this stage.  It's also really hard to feel optimistic at this point.  In the long run its just a game but damn I want to see this town feel the joy of a championship because its not just a game to so many here in this city.  I'm not sure why but it is really important for this city and we seemed so close, but we've been close other times.  Head up stiff upper lip, keep fighting for it...  We shall see.

June 14,2015

It’s the afternoon of game 5.  Crucial game.  If the Warriors win I think it’s all over.  If the Cavs win we hang on to take yet a more painful disappointment. Not sure if I’ll watch.   I don’t feel the same sense of optimism I this city that I felt prior to game 4.  The loss was a tough one.  It wasn’t even close.  The Cavs may not have the fire power at this point.  A 7 man rotation against the Warriors is hard to do.  If only some of the other bench guys oculd pull something off.  They’re using Jones but what about Shawn Marion, he was once an all-star. Perhaps there is s little left in him.  Mike Miller was a spot up shooter.  That could be useful.  It would be good too is Smith and Shumpert stepped up more.  Smith has described his play as horseshit so he is aware that he’s needed.  I am not hopeful but if they win tonight then they could end it in Cleveland.  I think the series ends at 6 games either way.  If the Warriors win tonight I think the Cavs will deflate and be unable to win in Cleveland.  If the Cavs win then perhaps, just perhaps it’s what they need to inspire them to take game 6 and the title.  One can hope, without hope there is no disappointment.  I want the chance the yet again be disappointed.

June 15, 2015

So we lost again.  Down 3-2.  Yesterday I was thinking that it'd be all over in 6.  Today another option comes to mind.  The Cav's will win Tuesday but only so they can prolong the agony to the 7th game and then lose.  It's the Cleveland way.  Of course if they win the city will get their hopes up and when that happens it seems inevitable that we get the big disappointment.  It's how it is in this town.  Of course the only way for the Cav's to win it all at this point does involve them winning tomorrow night.  Not sure we have the fire power to do it.  We went small.  Mozgov only got 9-10 minutes.  They used Miller.  Don't see how we can win with Mozgov on the bench.  Blatt needs top find a strategy that slows them down and uses Mozgov.  Does such a strategy exist?  Don't ask me.  What seemed so possible just a week ago seems so impossible now.  Tomorrow will decided something  I'm not quite sure what...  I'd like a win even if we lose game 7.  Sustain the hope one more day...

June 16, 2015

Morning of game 6.  I can hope for a victory.  I don't feel much confidence and if they aren't going to win game 7 I almost would rather have it end tonight.  Competitive Euthanasia or something like that.  Still I can't give up so lets take this one and hope for the best.  We have won games.  So we know we can beat them.  I think we have to figure out how to control the tempo like we did in the early games.  I see all the Cav's shirts and jerseys and stuff as I walk downtown.  I don't sense the same excitement.  It almost seems like the people know what is coming but have to hope for the best.  I don't sense the hope.  That seemed to die after game 4.  Perhaps I am wrong.  Still anything can happen and there is ALWAYS a chance... Go Cavs! 


June 17, 2015

It’s over.  Probably just as well that it happened in 6.  A 7th game loss would have hurt even more.  LeBron took a crippled team as far as one could I think.  Imagine if the Warriors were playing the same Cav’s team without Curry and Thompson then throw in Igudala to boot.  We would have massacred them.  Still that wasn’t the scenario.  It was a Cleveland scenario that is all too familiar.  Close but no cigar.  Bad luck in the end ruined it for the Cavs.  A mugging in Boston and then Irving’s knee.  The what ifs and next year are inevitable but it means no title for this weary town yet once again.  It’s just a game I’ve said several times but there is something beyond that or it wouldn't hurt so bad.  LeBron laments that maybe it’s better to not make the playoffs than lose in the final… he concludes otherwise.  Which is what the fan base here in Cleveland also concludes.  That’s the way this city is and will always be.

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