Everywhere, everyone they all were dying.  It pretty much didn’t matter which way he looked he could see that the whole goddamn world was falling apart and while they were telling themselves they were good and wonderful and exemplary he also knew that deep down they knew they were worthless and pointless and death was sitting there just behind their eyes.  Those eyes that did their best to deceive you into thinking that the skull around them was something special, was something worth talking to and knowing and perhaps even caring about, but it was a sham.  The eyes were there to deceive and most people went ahead and let themselves be deceived because it was easier than admitting that no one and nothing was worth a rats bloody ass.  He could see it but he wondered why he could and no one else could. It was all just a death march everywhere for everyone.  There was no point, there was no reason.  Slowly, they carried on until someone, also waiting to die, stuck them in the ground and acted like it mattered.  Nothing mattered and no matter what you did you could not make it matter.  Such it was.  

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