Happy New Year???????? Something I wrote on 1-1-17

So we commence with a new year. May it be a good one. May it be peaceful and productive and filled with love and compassion. May people of good will dominate those who are not like that. May things go well for the individual and the country. May we see beauty and truth and love and peace be the dominant factors that guide our society. These are only things that one can hope for and yet too they are things that one, on the individual level, should strive for. Yes I say ‘should’ which makes me sound like a pompous ass but I believe these are things that are better than some of the values that exists out there on this the first day of the new year. I believe there are forces that are not good that will do harm, quite possibly irreparable, to the land and the people that populate it. I believe that if this does occur it will hurt everyone across the board even those who propagated such behavior even those who encouraged the vile and hateful thoughts and evil actions. We are all in this together and if we rise we all rise and if we fall we will all fall. Of course that is not necessarily the case. All too often in this society some rise at the expense of others. While this goes on it is encouraged to get what you can and fuck the rest of the world, I got mine fuck you. Is this the values that we as a country hold. Of course no one (save myself perhaps) will come right out and say that but the actions of the powerful indicate that this is a good path to take, especially if you are one of the fortunate. If you are not then something seems awry and you want things changed, but as previously stated, it is the powerful who hold the keys and they are not inclined to help those without them. If you are worthy you would have acquired keys on your own but you are lazy and slothful and deserve every bit of pain you have earned. Of course they forget, or perhaps push out of their mind that they started this climb many rungs farther up the ladder so while perhaps they have not climbed as far they are well in the lead. To say everyone has the same opportunity’s is simply myopic. The rules may be the same across the board but the starting point is not consistent and there needs to be something done to even that up. I only have that question... I offer no answer.

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