Response to an Facebook post by a 'working musician'.

Well sir it seems you have chosen to try and make a living performing music.  That’s great.  However if you make this choice and it does not work out don’t blame anyone but yourself.  There are a lot of fine musicians who simply don’t want to live that life and manage to both support themselves and keep creating music.  Yes it means a day job perhaps, but if you decide to go that route complaining about the day job would be the same as you complaining that your life as a working musician isn’t working out… you have options.  You want to blame those who are trying to be supportive (via say FB) even though they may not be able to make your shows.  You chose to try and make your living via music.  If it isn’t working look inside for the fault/reason don’t look outward.  No one is required to come to your shows.  You have to make them something people do not want to miss!  It’s not rocket science!  Life is cruel.  It does not cater to people.  You rule your own life.  You make the decisions.  If there is anyone to blame for your lot it is you.  

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