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 This is a place we would invite you to visit when you need some good music or perhaps a good story or wish to feed the eyes, or even read poetry.  We are predominantly music oriented with John McGrail, The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale and The Chunks, a peculiar collection of souls, to say the least, but there is oh so much more... 

John McGrail is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and while he acts like a multi-instrumentalist on his albums, live it is just the guitar and voice (OK and some effects… so a guitar is an effect.  His clothing are effects, there just isn’t anything wrong with effects…).  He has played his music on 3 continents and has toured the world and that’s all.   OK it’s not all.  But we’ll leave all the positive stuff for his page.

The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale, did I say that right?  While there are those who doubt their corporeal existence if you follow their motto of “Imagination Is Real” it doesn’t matter.  Led by the inimitable Babakar Wade the Consort is comprised of 10 members from 9 countries.  We call it ‘experimental world jazz’ for lack of a better term.  The use of the term ‘experimental’ means that you should expect anything from them.  Indeed they play what they wish.  Some is instrumental, some are songs, some spoken word.  They acknowledge no boundaries.

THE CHUNKS Well well well what can you say about them.  This bubbling duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet... all depending on who is channeling whom.  It is spoken word by Projectile Vomit (aka/ PV) while the music is created by an amorphous blend of the musical talents of Rotwang, Johnny Mac and the already introduced Babakar Wade,channeling their talents via the body of the aforementioned John McGrail... and there is sometimes a cat in the group.




 In the Look section you will find both pictures of the previously mentioned musicians in their charge as musicians but also you will find  photographs by John McGrail who, while not claiming to be a photographer, none the less owns a camera and desires to present the viewer with those pictures he has deemed to be worthy to present to the world.  Sometimes they are of a scene from the great out of doors, or perhaps just a particular angle on something from everyday life.  We would encourage you to go there also.


Further on there is the Read page which one can read a variety of readable items.  Sometimes it is just news, events and what not from the wonderful world of Mind Fry.  Of course there is the section entitled "The Lives Of The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale which are stories about the Consorts life written by their good friend John McGrail.  They have given him full access to their their lives and full permission to write as he wishes. 


Except there is also a Blog page which is for any of the folks here at Mind Fry to unleash a spew of words for the consumption of the reader.  We guarantee no timely update on this page but everyone else does it so we thought we would too. 


Of course we cannot let this end here without mentioning the lovely Ms. L. Sue Dannon who has designed some of the album covers for both John and The Consort and keeps the Mind Fry offices running like a well-oiled machine.  It is a peculiar thing about Ms. Dannon.  The L in her name stands for varyingly either Lisa or Linda.  No one has ever been able to explain this and yet at any given moment it may be one while even seconds later it is the other.  So if you notice that sometimes she is referred to as Linda and other times as Lisa, do not be alarmed you are not imagining things.  It is a mystery that no one here at Mind Fry nor anywhere else in the world, as far as we are aware, can explain. There are many things you will find out about Mind Fry, if you choose to explore it, that can be considered mysteries.  We could tell you now but it is better for you to explore and find out for yourself.   Welcome aboard my friend. Welcome aboard...


J. Kinslow McGrail

President MFE

John McGrail @ Reverbnation

The Headwhiz Consort@ Reverbnation