SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

Another September 11th.  I’m getting the idea that people are starting to forget it.  It isn’t so fresh or raw these days and yet with all the crap going on in the Middle East how can they forget.  I would say that a lot of the bullshit in the Middle East is an offshoot of September 11, and the irresponsible actions of the Bush/Cheney regime.  Would ISIS be able to do what it’s doing if we hadn’t attacked Iraq for no good reason.. It wasn't so chaotic before then.  Yes Saddam was cruel but is the present state any better?  Bush/Cheney they knew best????

God damn them.  They have torn the world apart and now they act like they still know what is good for it.  They fucked things up and they think they know best.  It’s not just the Middle East they fucked up they also fucked up our economy with their deregulation and their wars that they stuck on a Bank of America card.  Now there are so many who are struggling in this country, there is so much misery and despair in this country and the world while the powers that be can only try to secure their positions with their money influence.  They want to restrict voting because at this point in America there are an awful lot of people who have been fucked over by the greed of those who have more than they could ever possibly use.  It is disgusting and so much of it goes back to September 11, 2001.  You almost think that a guy like Cheney actually was glad about what happened that day.  But that would be a weird conspiracy and that never happen, not in America.  Nope not in America...

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