So Trump is the President and he is doing one smashing job if being in the news is your thing, and I think it is his thing. I don’t think he has any real interest in governing but he likes attention and what more attention can you get than being the President of the United States. He is not a man I would want my children to emulate if I had any. That he is prez makes me especially glad that I do not. He will do things to this country that would make it worse for them. He will assuage the rich while telling the poor bastards that he’s is on their side. He isn’t but they are fools being led by the nose and they haven’t a clue. They will defend him and he will cut the programs that help them while giving more money to the wealthy class. It is indeed a strange time for this country. Comey testified and pretty much said Trump tried to obstruct justice but he did it in a way that he didn’t actually say he obstructed justice so nothing will come of that. He did say that the Russian election hacking was real and dangerous and yet you never hear Trump mention concern that Putin and company are trying to mess with our elections and the peoples confidence in them. Why not?  He is the President shouldn’t he be incredibly concerned with that. He was only concerned with clearing his name, which I can’t say Comey did he just didn’t condemn his name any further. He did say the Trump was a liar so you got that. For now we have to wait and see. There is still Flynn, and Kushner, and Sessions and Manafort etc. The investigation is just beginning. I’m comfortable with Muellar running it.

     So...the country is being led by a maniac. You gotta wonder if he is on any medications to control his erratic behavior. What will he do next with his text? I hope he keeps shooting his feet as he has done. It is all quite amusing to watch. Obama provided no such entertainment. Then again it does not seem like he is really governing. Ryan offered the explanation for Trumps interaction with Comey as ‘inexperience”. He is new to the job and probably didn’t realize that his behavior with the Russian thing and Comey was inappropriate. Not acceptable. The man is 70 years old. He has been around. He knew. At one point he cleared the room of Sessions and Kushner and some others (I think) so he could be alone with Comey. That shows he knew he was being inappropriate. Ryan’s explanation doesn’t hold water. If you accept that then it also says he was not fit to take the office, a grenade he and Trump would throw at Clinton (who really was as qualified as anyone who has run in my lifetime.) Can’t have it both ways although that is a trait Trump seems to have. Alas I will watch with frightened amusement for 4 years (hopefully less and I will say I don’t think he will be re-elected).

Cleveland   6-10-17

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